Newlands Academy, Peckham Rye, London, SE15 3AZ
E: T: 0207 639 2541

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Newlands Academy
Peckham Rye, London, SE15 3AZ
0207 639 2541

The Academy

Newlands School was previously called Bredinghurst. It was originally a residential boy’s school established in 1946. The school became a day school in 2007, was renamed Newlands in 2011 and relocated to a new design award winning building in February 2013. It was a school originally for 50 students although has now increased its capacity to 70 places. There is also a plan for a 16-19 provision to start in September 2014.

The school population is made up of mainly boys from Southwark, although the intake has now increased to take in boys from Lambeth, Bromley, Westminster and Sutton. We cater for students who have a statement of Special Educational Need with the priority need being Social Emotional and Behavioural difficulties (SEBD).The school is situated in Peckham one of the most transient places in the country and the community undergoes rapid and on-going changes. Peckham is also one of the most socio-economically deprived areas in the UK and there is a significant influence on the young people from the local youth culture.

Many students come from some of the most troubled families in South East London and have a complexity of social need that often requires a multi- agency approach. Many students are known to social care and the school works actively in partnership with a variety of agencies.

The Location

Newlands Academy is located in a quiet residential area adjacent to Peckham Rye and the historic Nunhead cemetery in the London Borough of Southwark. There are transport links.

The Vision

Our school ethos can be summed up by our five key principles.

1.    We are a caring and accepting community where everyone’s voice is valued

2.    We see potential in all our students and offer them a fresh start

3.    The students’ learning and emotional needs are at the centre of every decision we make

4.    We give students time and space to gain an understanding of their own identity; we strive to nurture, educate and empower them through to adulthood

5.    We work in the academy with humour, justice, compassion and forgiveness.  We understand that all members of the community can make mistakes and that we learn from each other

We believe in finding solutions so that difficulties or concerns can be overcome and the highest possible standards of achievement can be attained. We are committed to establishing a therapeutic community, whereby all adults model empathy and kindness, where all professionally respond to the needs of highly challenging and marginalised young people, with social emotional and mental health difficulties.

We believe in the educational role of the family and foster strong links between the home and school environment.

We have onsite partnerships with the Anna Freud Family Project, the Southwark Troubled Families Project, as well as provision for Art therapy and Speech and Language Therapy.

We aim to provide a personalised and stimulating environment, where students can be welcomed and learn safely. We place a high emphasis on the spiritual social and moral development of each student.

Key Priorities

·        To ensure that students become independent learners to prepare them for life after Newlands

·        To work with families and students to tackle the problems of a small number persistent absentees/non attenders

·        To analyse academic and behaviour data in order to inform progress

·        To ensure that progress is good across all subjects

·        To develop numeracy across the curriculum

·        To continue to develop a therapeutic approach to learning

·        To ensure that safeguarding is outstanding

·        To continue to develop middle leaders

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