Meadstead Primary Academy, Barnsley, S71 4JS
E: T: 01226 722153

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Meadstead Primary Academy
Barnsley, S71 4JS
01226 722153

Welcome to Meadstead Primary Academy. 

Our academy motto is ‘To make our best better – respect, believe, achieve’. This summarises for us the main things that we are teaching our pupils – that they should have respect for other people and things, that they should believe in themselves and their ability to do well with the right effort and that they can all achieve amazing things.

We are unapologetic in saying that our aim is for all of our pupils to have a real choice about going on to university when they finish at secondary school.  This is because university graduates tend to earn more money, gain more fulfilment and live longer than those who do not have the opportunity to gain a degree. It may seem very early in your child’s education to be thinking about their adult life, but it is vitally important that your child learns the right habits and gets a good start at primary school if they are to go on to higher education later on.  In addition, pupils need to feel that this is a realistic option for them, particularly if they do not have any family members who have been to university.  We therefore need to encourage them to have ‘big dreams’ right from a very young age.  That is the reason that we tend to refer to our pupils as scholars - so that they start thinking of themselves as learners.

The academy showed some great results in 2014 and this has helped our pupils on their journey towards university if they so wish.  Headlines are:

  • Early years results up in 2014 to 59% compared to 54% in 2013.
  • Phonics test results up in 2014 to 68% from 40% in 2013.
  • Key stage one results generally in line with national average (but we need to improve our standards in writing).
  • Key stage two results generally in line with national average (but we need to improve our standards in maths).
  • We were above national average for pupils making greater than expected progress in reading at KS2 by 11% with nearly half of our pupils achieving this (46%).
  • Lexia is helping our pupils to improve their reading skills with 60% of pupils having already increased at least one level (average of 2 levels expected per year).
  • Maths Whizz is helping our pupils to improve their maths skills with an average gain in ‘maths age’ of 8 months since September.
  • We have put in place a number of interventions to help those children who are not making fast enough progress.  For example we now run an ‘active phonics’ session daily to help pupils learn to read through PE.  Pupils on this intervention are showing very positive progress.
  • A recent survey of all our pupils showed that over 90% were happy with themselves, their ability to learn and their learning environment.  For those few pupils who reported that that they were not happy in one or more of these areas, we are supporting them to ensure that this changes.  Our ‘Thrive’ programmes of support are already showing measurable results.

Wendy Baxter

Head Teacher

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