Hall Road Academy, Hull, HU6 8PP
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Hall Road Academy
Hull, HU6 8PP
01482 441151

We are a 350 place Primary Academy plus 52 place nursery.

The academy is in the top 10% of the most deprived communities in the country, however, this fact does not hold us back in our high aspirations for every child.

We have a diverse, rich community, with 28% having English as an Additional Language; 33% having Special Educational Needs and 60% claiming FSM.

We are a learning family and care for and respect each other.  All our staff are committed to the academy ethos and work hard to ensure its fulfilment.

Our academy has striven for the highest quality in delivering success to its pupils. We see our academy as a place where children learn all the skills they need for a successful life in a caring learning community.

Together, we aspire to become a learning organisation capable of continuous improvement. A place where:-

·         Pupils attain and achieve through a vibrant and relevant child centred and theme based curriculum.

·         All staff are confident, valued and motivated to give their best and are renowned for the excellent quality of teaching, learning, care, welfare and support which they provide.

·         Barriers between the academy and the community are removed.

In a caring and loving environment, our staff provide an opportunity for each child to blossom in their educational experiences. We offer children the chance to embrace a variety of learning skills and environment experiences so that they may grow in both dependent and independent learning - enjoying listening to others to gain knowledge and expressing formed opinions of their own.

Teaching is not just the imparting of knowledge on a set subject but, understanding that a child is very much surrounded by an inescapable life environment. We see that education is for embracing the whole of life, seeing each "child's world" as a unique place to grow as a person in their thinking, feeling, reasoning, spiritual outlook and moral values. We see that the curriculum should be shaped jointly by staff and learners to meet individual needs with a value placed on learning from experience.

We see that access to the whole curriculum is a child's right all throughout their education. We seek to remove any barriers so that each child is able to embrace the whole curriculum and, therefore, meet their educational potential.

We value and look after the needs of every child and aim to ensure that all of our pupils enjoy their time here. It’s a place to grow in friendship and life learning and when your children leaves at the end of Year 6 we hope to send them off being fully equipped to walk tall through the rest of their education and life.

For more information about Hall Road Academy please visit our website www.hallroadacademy.org 

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